Using the package

Package can be loaded from the packages repository.

First it is reasonable to run prepared simulation tasks to make himself clear the idea of multi-pole modeling and simulation.

Second, change values and/or shapes of input disturbances to see what happens in behavior of the schemas. One may also change number of simulation steps. Be careful: long simulations on large schemas require more memory and time resources.

Third, change parameters of hydraulic elements such as lengths and diameters of hydraulic resistors and tubes. Be careful: even slight change of some critical parameter might cause considerable change in behavior of the entire scheme.

Forth, one can delete/add hydraulic elements from schemas and perform simulations on new changed schemas.

Finally, after gaining sufficient experience one can start to compose new hydraulic schemas and perform his own simulations.

Remarks about using the package.

Initial values of volumetric flows and pressures for hydraulic resistors and tubes must be set based on the scheme of the hydraulic device. It requires some basic expert knowledge about hydraulics. If whatever initial values are used, behavior and results of simulation process might be unpredictable.