Source elements

Source elements are used to provide schema of a hydraulic device with necessary inputs of required shapes and values. Outputs of source elements are as inputs for the scheme.

constant Source - generates constant value as an output.

dynamic Source - generates signal of required shape as an output.

dyn_stat_Source - generates different values (from init_val to final_val) as outputs.

dyn_stat_Source is used for setting different values for those parameters of dynamic Source, which are defined as ports on the side edges of the dynamic Source image box. So it enables dynamic Source to generate signals of different values as input disturbances. The feature is used weather for computing 3D output data or for computing multiple 2D output graphs for different values of some parameters.

Number of different values is determined by parameter Y_steps set in Simulation process manager. If dyn_stat_Source is used for setting parameter for dynamic_Source, then the corresponding parameter must be devaluated directly in dynamic Source properties.


Properties for constant Source:

Properties for dynamic Source:

Different shape for generated disturbance signal can be chosen by setting the variable type_ ... "true" (only one type_ ... must be set "true")

The following parameters values must be set for generating signals of different shapes.

Properties for dyn_stat_Source: